Thursday, January 21, 2010

Victory! Michael Schmidt Found Not Guilty!

I have just returned home from Newmarket, Ontario where my daughters and I sat in on the court ruling for Michael Schmidt.  I am elated to report that Michael, biodynamic farmer, raw milk advocate extraordinaire was found not guilty!

Way to go, Michael!  Thank you for holding strong to your convictions and doing what was right, even in the face of great adversity.  What an example you are.  I know that what we witnessed in that courtroom today taught my daughters and I a profound lesson.  I can only imagine the ripple effect your courage will produce.  Michael, we raise our glasses of raw milk to you, in honour of your tireless efforts and your steadfast convictions, we thank you.  Cheers!

Today is a very good day, indeed. WooooHooooo!

CP:  Ontario Farmer Found Not Guilty of Charges Related to Selling Raw Milk
NP:  Michael Schmidt Acquitted in Raw Milk Case
Globe&Mail: Dairy Farmer Wins Battle Over Raw Milk

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  1. Excellent news! Now if I could just find raw milk in Alberta...