Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fiber Myth

Whole grain goodness or sugar on a mission to irritate? Hint: Pick the latter, pick the latter.

For decades, fiber has been touted as the holy grail to 'regularity'. If you were constipated, it was a lack of fiber and water. Back in 2005, the mainstream Journal of American Gastroenterology, published a study citing the futility in increasing fiber or water in hopes of increasing bowel transit time. In fact, the study debunks these myths entirely.

Out of the scope of the study is the consideration of what may be the solution. There's some interesting discussions happening over the importance of balanced gut flora playing a significant role in the health of our entire digestive systems. In regards to constipation in particular, probiotics appear to be essential in regular elimination.

I'm going to turn this one over to some sharper minds than mine. Please forgive my infrequent posts as of late. We've just moved to our new digs and I'm up to my eyeballs in boxes. A few more days and sleep will be mine!

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