Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Partay!

My seven year old daughter wants a birthday party complete with all sorts of things that will take me forever to morph into a healthy version of themselves.  It's not like anything has to taste like their original, overly sweet, fast food brethren because she's never even eaten anything, but my version.  So, pizza and sundaes it is!
What my sundaes will look nothing like. Gross. Honestly, Nesquick on a sundae?

How I'll do it:


Giant Caesar Salad made with our favourite, homemade dressing from Nourishing Traditions, some raw parmesan, and a good sprinkling of organic, pastured bacon crumbs.


  • Homemade ice-cream from raw cream (she loves ginger and vanilla) a la Nourishing Traditions
  • Crazy-yummy homemade caramel sauce (made with raw butter, maple syrup and sea salt)
  • Freshly roasted and salted pecans
  • Toasted coconut
  • Unsweetened, organic, 100% chocolate (I buy this and sweeten it myself so we can avoid the cane sugar in all of the sweetened organic chocolate). Cocoa Camino just came out with some bars that are organic and Free Trade, but for some reason, they aren't listed on their website yet.


  1. Okay, what's up with the cane sugar? My NT bible says to use that... and our local option is Roger's GMO sugar beets... honey from GMO canola flowers... conventional maple syrup.
    What's a mum to do in Calgary?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Just type 'sugar' into my search bar for some posts I've put up on sugar, cane or other types (it's all the same, anyway). I really like NT, but it's not my bible. I still make judgements and decisions based on my knowledge of nutrition. Aside from my daughter's party, we avoid sugars for the most part. To be honest, we made it through the pizza and we all felt like that was enough for the day. My sunday supplies remain uneaten.

    There's some pretty decent health food stores in Calgary that carry local, raw honey. There's a nice, organic, raw honey coming out of the Peace River Valley that would be free of GMO canola. I know that President's Choice (Superstore or Loblaws depending on where you live) sources their organic, raw honey line from the Peace River Valley.

    All the health food stores carry organic maple syrup. I prefer to get ours from local farms (it's cheaper, organic, and delicious). Alternatively, you could order some in from Quebec like my friend in Alberta does.

    I can understand your concern about GMOs and honey. I really think that the best choice is to move away from sugars as much as possible. That said, I would give the honey I mentioned earlier a shot.

    Hope that's helpful!