Monday, March 1, 2010

"Pesky Bones" and Other Brilliant Posts

Whole Health Source has an interesting post about a study showing a correlation between omega-6 consumption and obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, and a bunch of other commonly seen diseases here in the Western hemisphere.  "Dissolve Away Those Pesky Bones".  Great title, Stephan!

Dr. Art Ayers, over at Cooling Inflammation, takes a look at gut health with his post, "Constipation, Gut Flora, and Health".

"What's Wrong With Paleo"?  Well, nothing if you don't try to make a paleo/primal style of eating mesh with your addiction to all things sweet.  No, our ancestors did not have bags of coconut flour, honey, and nuts to whip together some fantastical treat.  While you're over at Carnivore Health, check out Danny's post, "Are Humans Natural Meat Eaters".  I like the obese, cartoon pig part.

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