Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Little Calf Had Raw Milk, One Little Calf Had None

Two calves, two very different outcomes. Michael Schmidt, of Glencolton Farms, recently completed a little experiment. Two calves were raised, one on raw milk and the other on pasteurized and homogenized milk (simulated dairy). You can see all the pictures and read the full story over at the Bovine.
 The anemic, sad little liver on the left is from a calf that was raised on pasteurized milk. The liver on the right is from the raw milk fed calf.  Photo: Bovine
The stomachs of the two calves. The one in the bucket, looking as it should, is from the raw milk calf. The one below, with its 'contents' spilled all over the place is from the pasteurized milk drinking calf. I found this image especially telling.  Photo: Bovine


  1. YIKES!! I don't drink milk but that's kinda scary. What about cheese and butter? Where can one find raw versions? I'm a newbie to right nutrition and food sources. I do live in Eugene, Oregon however so I think I've got an advantage going in at least. :o)

  2. HI MiCherie, check out www.realmilk.com or your local Weston A Price chapter for sources. Good luck :)