Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update - Can I Bake Again?

Apparently not.  I wrote about Organic Zero and Lakanto on a previous post. I was looking forward to whipping up some raw treats last weekend using some Organic Zero (still no luck sourcing the Lakanto yet). 

I made some 'raw' chocolate using some melted cocoa butter, Organic Zero, cocoa, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. I then froze the chocolate in molds. While they were freezing I mixed some organic coconut butter (not the oil) with some peppermint oil and Organic Zero and poured this mixture over the frozen chocolate and returned it to the freezer. The result? O.k., but the Zero didn't dissolve at all. It was grainy and crunchy and definitely not subtle. It sunk to the bottom of the mixture instead of dissipating throughout. I tried another recipe where I had to heat the liquid, but again, the Zero tended to sit at the bottom of the pot, burning somewhat even though the heat was quite low and I stirred constantly.

The kids ate the chocolates (we all did), but then later complained of tummy aches. At $15.00 a bag, I will likely not be using Organic Zero as a substitute in my baking anymore. I'll save it for our Earl Grey tea where it tastes great with some heavy cream.

Darn it! I was so looking forward to a decent substitute for my beloved baking. If I can't have it tasting as good as it once did, I'd rather not have any. 

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  1. Perhaps the difference in Lakanto and Organic Zero is the fermentation to relieve those tummy issues.