Monday, December 15, 2008

What's in Your Shampoo?

The Environmental Working Group has an absolutely fabulous database that allows anyone to figure out exactly what's in their shampoo, cosmetics, or whatever other toiletry they want to know about.  The site is called, "Skin Deep".  You can do a search on a category and find out which products are safest or you can search specific products and see where they fall on the toxic scale, what's in them, and what it's doing to you.  You can even create a customized shopping list based on safe ingredients.


  1. Oh dear... part of me really wants to go to that database, but a big part of me also just does NOT want to know!! :S Uhohhh

  2. You know, at least if you look at what you can get that has less nasty stuff in it than other things you might be using, it's worth it. Every little bit helps. Go!